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Archives: November 2016

How to Find Rehab Community

If you live in Florida, you will see that there are a lot of rehab centers there. So, how do you choose the right detox centers Florida for your needs? How can you be so sure that they have the qualifications and the skills to help you? There are some ways and methods to choose the right center although you may have to spend some extra times and work on some extra efforts.

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The Rehab and Recovery Community
One of the best ways to find the best rehab center for your addiction problem is to join the rehab and recovery community. Such community does exist, consisting of former patients and their families. Such community can provide a big help when it comes to providing you with the information of which rehab center to use. And how can you find the access to such community, anyway?
• Ask around. Any family member or close friends may have dealt with such issue so they can provide a solid insight and information. They can also provide the information about a former addict that has been sober for quite a while – at least for a year.
• Such rehab centers or addiction communities generally have an open meeting. You can attend such meeting to get a deeper info and insight.
• Contact the hotline. There are some reliable hotlines that are operating in your area. In case you live in South Florida and you want to find out the trusted South Florida alcohol rehab centers, you can always ask the hotlines – they generally have their own lists of trusted and reliable centers.
• The patients aren’t the only one who has to attend meetings as a part of their therapy. There are also meetings for the loved ones and families. You can attend such meeting so you can get a better insight into the program and the overall function of the treatment. Trust me, coming to one of those meetings can be a real eye opener.

Is Carrageenan Safe to Consume?

Hearing thw word carrageenan, maybe you automatically think, is carrageenan safe? yes, it is safe. carrageenan even found in the traditional food of China and Irish people in the past. So, undeniably, it is safe to consume.

Although carrageenan now is produced industrially in dairy products, it can be produced traditionally. Here are the steps. The seaweed contains of carrageenan is boiled gently without acid. Then , it is filtered and milled until become the powder.

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Carrageenan is not dangerous

Besides of benefited in dairy products, carrageenan is also beneficial for meat products. Furthermore, the vegans love carrageen because it can replace the gelatin. Not only as the recipe, carrageenan is also commonly used for making food stay longer. Although acoording to function, it is a food additive, carrageenan is safe, just like salt for example.

I told you before that carageenan is used in the traditional food of China and Irish. The carageenan was even used as their health maintenance. In the past, pople boil water or milk with the seaweed contains carrageenan. That kind of way will make the extraction, which is beneficial for healing the dysgestive problem. even people were using it as to smooth their digestive system, ulcer, consumed as laxative.

Carrageenan is also found safe for the outer use. It is the content that included in toothpaste, which is essential as the stabilizer. Furthermore, it is included in shampoo and cosmetic cream products as the thickener.  Cerrageenan is the gift for the vegan. Not only for the replacement of the gelatin, it is also found in diet soda and the vegetarian hot dogs. More importantly, its safe is proved by FDA regulations as safe food additive even for infant formula. The joint of FAO and WHO stated so in 2014. The content of carrageenan up to 100 mg/L is safe for infant formula.