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Archives: May 2017

Resources of carrageenan in various countries

The natural resources and artificial method for harvesting the carrageenan were found mostly all over the world, in that the countries like Philippines, Canada, and Indianocean are taking top most places.

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Generally, all kinds of red algae are having the potential of totipotent, hence the small piece of carrageenan is enough to create a huge plant of carrageenan by allowing it to grow with a stable environment. The cultivation methods of carrageenan also very easy which are spread all over the world very quickly including the south-eastern Asia and around the Indian Ocean rim.

Most of the industries usedifferent sources of red algae for production of various types of carrageenan raw materials which are collected by human hand. The eucheumoid plants are produced in the countries like the Philippines and the Indian Ocean as a resource of carrageenan. In Canada, the carrageenan mass is the plant which is used for extracting the carrageenan.

Sometimes a mixed bag of red seaweed types also used to produce the blended products which are now demanded by the industry and the consumer in their ever increasing search for new processed and convenience foods.

The processing of carrageenanwas taken place in Philippines which has a high rating in themarket due to its quality and named as PGC and approved as Philippines Grade Carrageenan. This is the acceptable method for refined carrageenan in a range of applications.

The main producers of refined carrageenan are found in the countries like USA, France, Denmark and the Philippines. And also Small amounts of carrageenan were produced for a time in Ireland from the plants like Waterford and cork who are producing the carrageenan, but imported red seaweed or crude carrageenan was the main raw materials of good quality carrageenan.