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Carrageenan used in tablets


Carrageenan has unique medical properties which are used to cure some diseases in human being. The food graded carrageenan is invoked as one the of the main component in tablets. Research of carrageenan used in tablets results that two kinds of carrageenans such as glycerin GP-379 which is an iota carrageenan and vitamin GP-209 which is a lambda are having potential to use in the tablets for controlled-realse matrices.

The tablets which are having carrageenan as one of the ingredients were compressed on an instrumental strokes on a single punch machine and also the compression characteristics of the carrageenan also be analysed before it uses in tablets.

For example, the hackle polets using the out of die tablet densities are prepared with measuring the yield pressure of 81.3 MPa for iota carrageenan and this level vary to 105.2MPa for lambada carrageenan in the same tablets.

Most of the tablets with a drug release are having a formula of having both of the iota and lambada carrageenan in their ingredient list with an equal quantity near zero order release profiles.  There are no side effects proved by taking the carrageenan with tablets, but some customer’s feedback that they have few side effects when they take tablets with drug release ranges from 70 to 175MPa.

When the drug level of the tablets was increased from 5 to 20% then the diffusion exponent decreased from 1.056 to 0.678. A thing to be noted here is that 30% of carrageenan loading in the tablets will result in the breakup of tablets during they dissolve in water and departure from zero order release.

Tablets with carrageenan content are considered as a drug use when they are intake for a very long time, so that be sure to avoid addition while taking the carrageenan tablets.

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