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Carrageenan used in tablets


Carrageenan has unique medical properties which are used to cure some diseases in human being. The food graded carrageenan is invoked as one the of the main component in tablets. Research of carrageenan used in tablets results that two kinds of carrageenans such as glycerin GP-379 which is an iota carrageenan and vitamin GP-209 which is a lambda are having potential to use in the tablets for controlled-realse matrices.

The tablets which are having carrageenan as one of the ingredients were compressed on an instrumental strokes on a single punch machine and also the compression characteristics of the carrageenan also be analysed before it uses in tablets.

For example, the hackle polets using the out of die tablet densities are prepared with measuring the yield pressure of 81.3 MPa for iota carrageenan and this level vary to 105.2MPa for lambada carrageenan in the same tablets.

Most of the tablets with a drug release are having a formula of having both of the iota and lambada carrageenan in their ingredient list with an equal quantity near zero order release profiles.  There are no side effects proved by taking the carrageenan with tablets, but some customer’s feedback that they have few side effects when they take tablets with drug release ranges from 70 to 175MPa.

When the drug level of the tablets was increased from 5 to 20% then the diffusion exponent decreased from 1.056 to 0.678. A thing to be noted here is that 30% of carrageenan loading in the tablets will result in the breakup of tablets during they dissolve in water and departure from zero order release.

Tablets with carrageenan content are considered as a drug use when they are intake for a very long time, so that be sure to avoid addition while taking the carrageenan tablets.

Resources of carrageenan in various countries

The natural resources and artificial method for harvesting the carrageenan were found mostly all over the world, in that the countries like Philippines, Canada, and Indianocean are taking top most places.

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Generally, all kinds of red algae are having the potential of totipotent, hence the small piece of carrageenan is enough to create a huge plant of carrageenan by allowing it to grow with a stable environment. The cultivation methods of carrageenan also very easy which are spread all over the world very quickly including the south-eastern Asia and around the Indian Ocean rim.

Most of the industries usedifferent sources of red algae for production of various types of carrageenan raw materials which are collected by human hand. The eucheumoid plants are produced in the countries like the Philippines and the Indian Ocean as a resource of carrageenan. In Canada, the carrageenan mass is the plant which is used for extracting the carrageenan.

Sometimes a mixed bag of red seaweed types also used to produce the blended products which are now demanded by the industry and the consumer in their ever increasing search for new processed and convenience foods.

The processing of carrageenanwas taken place in Philippines which has a high rating in themarket due to its quality and named as PGC and approved as Philippines Grade Carrageenan. This is the acceptable method for refined carrageenan in a range of applications.

The main producers of refined carrageenan are found in the countries like USA, France, Denmark and the Philippines. And also Small amounts of carrageenan were produced for a time in Ireland from the plants like Waterford and cork who are producing the carrageenan, but imported red seaweed or crude carrageenan was the main raw materials of good quality carrageenan.


Losing Weight and PhenQ Help

If you don’t know the details of PhenQ, you probably think that it is just another weight loss supplement that is claimed to be the best in helping you to lose weight efficiently – while in reality, the supplement is just so-so. However, if you have tried the supplement, you will know that everything claimed about it is true. Not only you can expect an effective weight loss but you can also improve your health and have a lifestyle change. Entirely.

Image result for PhenQThe Process

A lot of people say that it is all about the result when it comes to losing weight. However, I believe that the process is also crucial. How you decide a product and how you want to turn your life will affect your option – and it will affect the end result as well. For instance, if you choose the wrong supplement, it is possible that you end up feeling sick and awful. If you choose the right one, on the other hand, it is possible that you will feel great and you look absolutely amazing in the end.

The decision to choose the right weight loss supplement is also crucial. Do you prefer the liquid type or the pills? Do you like the protein shakes or the bars? All of those things are important to determine your comfort in choosing a product. Among the other brands in the industry, PhenQ is pretty popular. Everyone consuming it mostly says positive things about it. There are a lot of things to like about the supplement despite the rather expensive tag price.

Yes, this supplement is rather pricey but if you have been dealing with the weight issue for as long as you live and you are tired of the constant ups and downs of your unhealthy weight, it is time to take action – and choosing PhenQ is one of the smartest moves that you can do. At least do it for your own sake.


How to Find Rehab Community

If you live in Florida, you will see that there are a lot of rehab centers there. So, how do you choose the right detox centers Florida for your needs? How can you be so sure that they have the qualifications and the skills to help you? There are some ways and methods to choose the right center although you may have to spend some extra times and work on some extra efforts.

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The Rehab and Recovery Community
One of the best ways to find the best rehab center for your addiction problem is to join the rehab and recovery community. Such community does exist, consisting of former patients and their families. Such community can provide a big help when it comes to providing you with the information of which rehab center to use. And how can you find the access to such community, anyway?
• Ask around. Any family member or close friends may have dealt with such issue so they can provide a solid insight and information. They can also provide the information about a former addict that has been sober for quite a while – at least for a year.
• Such rehab centers or addiction communities generally have an open meeting. You can attend such meeting to get a deeper info and insight.
• Contact the hotline. There are some reliable hotlines that are operating in your area. In case you live in South Florida and you want to find out the trusted South Florida alcohol rehab centers, you can always ask the hotlines – they generally have their own lists of trusted and reliable centers.
• The patients aren’t the only one who has to attend meetings as a part of their therapy. There are also meetings for the loved ones and families. You can attend such meeting so you can get a better insight into the program and the overall function of the treatment. Trust me, coming to one of those meetings can be a real eye opener.


Is Carrageenan Safe to Consume?

Hearing thw word carrageenan, maybe you automatically think, is carrageenan safe? yes, it is safe. carrageenan even found in the traditional food of China and Irish people in the past. So, undeniably, it is safe to consume.

Although carrageenan now is produced industrially in dairy products, it can be produced traditionally. Here are the steps. The seaweed contains of carrageenan is boiled gently without acid. Then , it is filtered and milled until become the powder.

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Carrageenan is not dangerous

Besides of benefited in dairy products, carrageenan is also beneficial for meat products. Furthermore, the vegans love carrageen because it can replace the gelatin. Not only as the recipe, carrageenan is also commonly used for making food stay longer. Although acoording to function, it is a food additive, carrageenan is safe, just like salt for example.

I told you before that carageenan is used in the traditional food of China and Irish. The carageenan was even used as their health maintenance. In the past, pople boil water or milk with the seaweed contains carrageenan. That kind of way will make the extraction, which is beneficial for healing the dysgestive problem. even people were using it as to smooth their digestive system, ulcer, consumed as laxative.

Carrageenan is also found safe for the outer use. It is the content that included in toothpaste, which is essential as the stabilizer. Furthermore, it is included in shampoo and cosmetic cream products as the thickener.  Cerrageenan is the gift for the vegan. Not only for the replacement of the gelatin, it is also found in diet soda and the vegetarian hot dogs. More importantly, its safe is proved by FDA regulations as safe food additive even for infant formula. The joint of FAO and WHO stated so in 2014. The content of carrageenan up to 100 mg/L is safe for infant formula.


Taste the Cream in Smoking

Nowadays, smoking is not just cigarettes or cigars. You could use vaporizers which are known as the electric smoking. It usually uses e juice to add flavors. The E Juice is filled with a liquid which is a VG/PG ratio of 80/20 which is about 80% VG and 20%PG. The ratio is designed for ideal performance in sub ohm tanks. You take creamy flavors from the E Juice.



This is the sweet rainbow frozen sherbet which has been people’s favorite. It could be so good to taste the frozen sherbet on the smoking. The delicious sweet rainbow frozen sherbet is one of the kinds.


When you love creamy taste on adonut, you should try this Krispy as the flavor for the vaporizer. Smoking the sweet glazed donut from the Krispy will give the taste of donut with the sweet glaze on your smoke.


The orange creamsicle is one of the flavors for the EJuice taste. It is the combination of orange and cream which can make the sweet and sour to be creamy.


Cream and strawberries make a great combination for creamy food. If you love it, you could try Pinky for your smoke taste. The sweet strawberries and cream flavor makes a rich taste for the smoke.


When you love thecreamy treat, you should not miss the campfire flavor in your smoking. The melted chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker treat are delicious even on the smoke.

Pound cake

You may love pound cake as your snack or treat for your coffee or tea. Now, you could try Pound Cake as the flavor from the EJuice. It has arich lemon taste of delicious pound cake.


The strawberry shortcake ice cream is available as the taste for the smoking. You could taste the delicious of strawberry shortcake ice cream now in the different form.


The Basic Fact about Carrageenan

a2Health is a crucial matter. People would do everything to make sure that they stay healthy – whether they implement healthier menu or they execute an active lifestyle. When it comes to choosing the healthy foods, people can be paranoid and go beyond their wildest action. That’s why there are different opinions when it comes to the topic of carrageenan. Some people say that it is okay while the others say that it is dangerous.

The Basic Facts

So, what is carrageenan? You should know that carrageenan is a natural substance that has been used in the food industry for years – even more than five decades. Before it is used in the modern food industry, the substance has been used as a medicine to treat the digestive issue as well as a natural thickener for foods for centuries.  Since the substance comes from special algae native only in the regions of Irish coasts, the benefits of the carrageenan is only enjoyed by the native people.

When carrageenan was introduced in the food industry, tests and studies have been done to see the quality of the substance as well as finding out the safety limits. Based on the results, the carrageenan is completely safe. No side effects have been found.

The Issue

However, rumors started spreading about carrageenan and how it can make the consumers sick. The claim is even supported by the scientific testing and studies, showing that carrageenan can create health problems.

However, it was found out later on that the subject of the test was actually the poligeenan, which is totally different from the carrageenan. The only similarity they share is the fact that they come from the same source of algae. However, they undergo different processes. The safe process leads to the formation of carrageenan and the dangerous process leads to the formation of poligeenan. So, are you still doubtful?



Things to see in picking best air fryer

9There are many things to see when you are going to choose the best air fryer because there are many brands you can try from the cheapest until most expensive. Trying is not only about buying it and then making a trial but try to explore more about things related to the air fryer. Once we know about stuff in air fryer, you may understand how it works, how it can be so many types and prices. You can make simple help from reading the reviews, but there is sometimes no buying guide to let you know on things to see in picking the best air fryer so you will not meet any problem in choosing it. Indeed, there are many considerations. You just need to make sure that you all read the buying guide here about things to see before buying air fryer.

  • Size. It is important to choose and know the size. Size is to ensure how much you can fry the foods because not all foods can be fried because there are many sizes available that you can choose. If you only fry potatoes and other chips, you just need the simple size of air fryer.
  • Features. There are many features you can choose ranging from low until high. You don’t need to think about the other parts but see the features first. You have to make sure that you understand the features details. You can ask to the customer service about the details of air fryer including the features.
  • Price is also important because you need to ensure that your budget is enough to buy air fryer. If the reviews do not tell the price, you can go to the and then check one by one to know all the prices.

How to Get Started on Meditation


Meditation has rised to popularity in recent years, and more people are practicing meditation today. Beginners may have questions regarding how to do meditation properly or how to get the most benefits of meditation. Here are some tips on meditation for beginners to get you started on the practice.

Choose the meditation technique that works best on you.

There are many different kinds of meditative practices, and you should do one in which you find the most ease and enjoyment. Meditation for beginners tend to use the breath-counting technique since it is the simplest and can be done anywhere. As you advancing, you may try other meditation techniques and stick with one after you find the most suitable for you. The audiovisual learners may find meditation with multimedia videos enjoyable, and the visual learners tend to enjoy the meditation with image visualization, for instance.

Choose a convenience time and a quiet place.

Meditation can be done anywhere and anytime, but meditation is essentially relaxation time, so it works best when done at your convenience so that you can get the most benefits of it. Choose a time and place that you aren’t likely to be disturbed. A quiet and peaceful surroundings can make you feel free and relax easier and make you get into the meditation efficiently.

Get physical or get music on.

Sometimes, you need to spruce things up a little bit. You may take up yoga to add a variety to your meditation routine. Yoga is also a form of meditation, and the practice involves physical exercise, so that you can benefit from it as well. Another way to use some music in your meditation. The audio learners tend to enjoy music while they meditate as this helps them to focus more. Music related to nature sounds can help you relax and get into the meditation easier.