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How to Spend a Good Holiday in Singapore

What can be more interesting than spending holiday in Singapore? Well, this could be your perfect choice when you have such a long holiday but you don’t know where you should go. However, if you are planning to go to Singapore, have you prepared some plans to enjoy your holiday in Singapore? If you don’t, you should have prepared some good plans to make sure you can enjoy Singapore in a better way.

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Enjoying Singapore by general transportation

Have you ever thought that general transportation is such a perfect choice to spend some holiday in Singapore? Enjoying the view of the city with the cheapest transportation could save your money while you can enjoy the city perfectly. Well, maybe some of you think that taking the bus could be the worst idea since it is the general transportation. But it is not.

Do you know that taking the bus to spend some holiday in Singaporeis such a good thing because the bus is just so good? Buying bus tickets in Singapore is such an easy thing to do because you can definitely do it in seconds. It’s just as easy as you can imagine it. Besides, taking the bus will make you feel the comfort to enjoy the city.

The beautiful view and also the comfortable chairs will accompany you during the holiday time. You can even find it easily the stop bus spots in Singapore and get the clear route to enjoy the Singapore with bus. This could be the most fascinating time you can get while you are in Singapore.

The cheapest price is also the next thing you can get from taking the bus to spend some holiday in Singapore. So are you still thinking about spending some time in Singapore? Let’s take the bus to enjoy Singapore!

Traveling Easiness with Easybook

Nowadays, we are pampered with the easiness and simplicity in doing things. Thanks to the technology and the internet, things are made easier. When you want to buy something and yet you don’t have the time to do the shopping, you can always hit the computer and the online world, and voila! Your shopping will be delivered to your front door.

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The same thing also applies when you want to reserve or buy tickets – any tickets, that is. You don’t have to drive to the ticket booth and stand in lines for hours. Simply turn on your computer, log into the website, and you can do the reservation without hassle. Even if you want to make the payment, you can always do it online and you will get a confirmation code as the proof. Such an easy-peasy.

Easybook and the Online Easiness

This is one of the reasons why websites like easybook are liked by a lot of people, especially by busy travelers who are looking for an efficient way to manage their trip. Let’s say that you want to go from Singapore to Jakarta. You can reserve the plane tickets or the ferry tickets through the website and you are good to go.

How to Use the Website

What if you want to travel from Malacca to Singapore? You can manage the bus from Melaka to Singapore by EasyBook without fuss. And how do you do so? You only need to log into the website at and fill in the required information. After doing so, you will be given lists of available bus coaches or fleets, complete with their fares, their services, and other information. Once you have made up your mind, you can choose a fleet and you can even choose a seat. Afterward, you can complete the payment and be ready to get the confirmation code that you should show to the bus crew at the time of departure.

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Traveling by bus has become the great choice today. Many people have chosen to use bus as their transportation mode because of some causes, like cost, comfortability and trip experiences. However, choosing bus can be very challenging, especially when you want to take the longer route like between the different countries. The main challenge is how to get the bus ticket, because purchasing bus tickets are always associated with the long queue and you’re still not guaranteed to get the ticket. Up to this fact, some people will decide the other transportations instead of bus.

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Nowadays, you can easily book bus ticket with the help of This very helpful website is made in 2005 by enterprising students who want find the easier way to book bus ticket to Malaysia. They came up with this idea due to the fact that it’s quite hard for people to book ticket bus, especially for them who want to book bus ticket from Singapore to Malaysia.


It’s the one stop platform which sells bus tickets in South East Asia countries. You can simply buy these tickets online. They’re currently spreading their business to train tickets, car rental, local tours and ferry tickets across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Taiwan. They have had 5 regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia now. They have built their reputation with the excellent services and trusted brand.

Trip from Singapore to Malaysia

For you who want to take trip from Singapore to Johor (Mersing, the gateway to Tioman), you can take a look more at their website ( Traveling by bus in Malaysia can give you more interesting experience and different sensation in enjoying the cities of Malaysia. There’re more than 160 bus operators with more than 6k+ bus routes. Beside the route from Singapore to Johor, there are some of the popular bus routes in Malaysia consisting of from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur, from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Melaka to Kuala Lumpur and many more.


Ways to get online ticket for ferry

hThere are many things we should consider when we are going to prepare traveling around ASEAN countries. Unlike Europe countries, you cannot go from one country to another neighbor country by train but you can only reach one country of ASEAN to another country by bus, plane or even ferry. In ASEAN countries like Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and Malaysia, there are several places you can go by ferry. If you are Singapore, you can go by ferry from Singapore to Batam by ferry. If you are in Johor, you can go to Pulau Tioman by ferry too. From there, you can go from Mersing Jetty to Pulau Tioman and then catch by schedule you choose. The problem is how to get online ticket for ferry? It’s easy because we now are giving the simple tips to get online ticket. Here we go.

Using Easybook

If you are planning to have holiday in Tioman, you can simply set from now like hotel rooms, transportation like ferry and bus to go around. You can try to make simple list things to do when you are going to go to Pulau Tioman so you can arrange the times well before you go. The most important thing to do when you are preparing the schedule to depart is to make sure that you are not going to be late to reach so you have to come to Mersing Jetty Earlier. When you are late, you might be missed and the ticket you have bought is useless. Some of tickets cannot be refunded including ferry ticket you have bought online. That is why it is important to go to Mersing Jetty earlier. No need to be confused when you are going to reach the island you have dreamed of with booking ferry ticket online. Click here to get more info for getting the ticket


Do You Want to Have the Best Trip to Bintulu?

Bintulu: Central gateway to famous tourist destination

If you want to go to Bintulu from Kuching,their website is the best guide for you. First of all, you need to know about Bintulu. Bintulu is a part coastal, part riverside town and the capital of Bintulu District in the Bintulu Division of Sarawak, Malaysia. Located approximately 624 km away from Kuching, Bintulu is the perfect place for 200.000 inhabitants. As the major industrial centre and soon become the capital of the energy – intensive industries in Malaysia.

Bintulu is a port area to the easy of the main town host the PETRONAS Liquefied Natural Gas Complex. In case you don’t know about it yet, it is the world’s largest liquefied natural gas production facility on a single site. This place also being known as Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis Plant and Bintulu is planning to be a fully industrialized city by the year 2020.

How to Get in Bintulu?

Bintulu regional express bus terminal located at Medan Jaya. It’s not too far from Farley Supermarket. Almost all Sarawak major towns and cities like Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Betong, Sri Aman, Mukah, Sarikei, Sungai Tujuh and Batu Niah is well – connected to Bintulu. Estimated travelling time from Kuching to Bintulu is 9 hours and sometimes takes longer since you need to transit to other main towns as well. But, you don’t have to worry. Taking a bus is one of the best choices for you if you really want to enjoy the scenery outside. It will be much better than getting locked and can’t see what’s outside, right. That’s why you need to get the best bus to have the best trip to Bintulu. You wouldn’t be happy if you have bad experience while in the road. Click to know better how to get to Bintulu in the best way with bus.


Now You Can Book Bus Ticket Through Online


If you want to know how technology changes a life, ask the tourists. Those who love traveling must know how technology changes their way in the holiday. Throwing back time when they should have visited the country first and do anything random in the country they visited. There were no plans and no certain booking. If they want to go to a hotel, they will go there and then book after they arrive the hotel. It is different from now. You can set the plan even three months before your departure and get anything settled earlier before you go. It is amazing because you don’t have to meet chaotic plan on your holiday but just set the plans of holiday right before you go on the hotel booking, bus ticket booking and more. Even in Malaysia and Singapore, you can book a bus ticket online. Is it great, right? Where to book the bus ticket online? is the answer

One thing we should think when we are going to spend in Malaysia is choosing the spot. One of the most recommended places is Legoland. If you want to go there, simply visit the or this site There will be options of bus and departure points that you need to choose near your location. If you come from Singapore, you can choose the departure point from Major cities of Singapore, the time you need to go to Legoland is only 40 minutes, but it still depends on the traffic condition. gives you ease in preparing your short trip around South East Asian countries. Even you can go to Thailand after you spend time in Legoland. You also can go to Brunei Darussalam if you want to go. Just set the plan and go with to get more ease.